•Pick one of each : Protein + Starch + Salad = $12 p/person – minimum of 10people

•Add another protein $3.00/person;

•Add any other startch or salad item: $1.00/person;

•Vegan: $10.50/person ( pick 4 options)

  1. Proteins: beef stroganoff, chicken stroganoff, galinhada (chicken rice), shrimp with coconut sauce, bacalhoada (cod baked with potatoes and capers), feijoada( black beans with smoked pork), pinto beans-V
  2. Starch: rice-V, farofa, 
  3. Salad: green salad with hearts of palm-V, potato salad, collard greens-V,


Catering orders

  • Free delivery Oshkosh and $10 Neenah

  • Please note that due to COVID restrictions food will be delivered in individual portions at this time.